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Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Inspired by the landscape and dreamscape of the Celtic nations, the fascination of the tiny, and the possibilities in a thread...


Current news


June 2019

Exciting times! I have uploaded my first crochet design for sale in my Etsy store The Owlcats Emporium, and with the pattern also listed on Ravelry I'm starting to feel that I can go somewhere exciting with this! Check out the new folder in my Gallery where you can see completed projects! I don't have a pattern tester so I have to make each design twice!! Currently I'm working on a colourful version of Yalgorup, and have started another throw which is developing with a distinct steampunk feel...

Life continues to be one of readjustment, mainly due to continuing health issues. My Australian trip was fabulous and I brought tons of inspiration home with me which will be translated into future crochet projects. 

Miniature making is somewhat restricted as I am not able to work on a small scale for long periods, but I do what I can. My painting practice has also lapsed somewhat as I don't have a suitable workspace at the moment, but am in the process of making some overdue adjustments at home and hopefully everything will work out in the end!

Thanks to everyone who continues  to support me through thick and thin, and I hope you enjoy all the new stuff as much as I do creating it. Plenty more creative outpourings are scheduled !

Keep checking back! See you soon!

Anna x