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Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Landscapes and Dreamscapes

Inspired by the landscape and dreamscape of the Celtic nations, the fascination of the tiny, and the possibilities in a thread...


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September 2021

N.B. Hopefully all the broken links are sorted on the Contact page! Sorry it took a while, I was unable to fully edit the website on my mobile and have only just replaced my dead PC. If you have any issues with them (they should all open in new windows) please drop me an email so I can scratch my head over the site interface and hassle the help crew! I've added my social media pages as well so you are spoilt for choice!

I hope I find you well, and normality is creeping back towards; well...normal! I don't have a miniatures fair lined up until January, but hope to have three events at least in 2022.

In the need to make pots for the proliferation of miniature flowers I have made, I somehow sidelined into the current craze for miniature ceramics. I haven't touched clay since I was 14 but it is a very grounding experience. I am also fortunate in having a very talented potter as a friend who is giving me very generous mentorship. I recently spent an enjoyable (but not alas very productive) session on his Leach kickwheel, trying vainly to centre a ball of delicious clay which happens to originate from my birthplace St Agnes, just a 40 minute drive from Owlcats!

My current mission is to sell the debris of "stash" from the "studio of many disciplines", and use the funds towards a decent but relatively small kiln. To date, I have been using a 12v mini wheel, and now have a small mains powered one although it needs a home so I can use it. The good news is that I am a healthy way towards my kiln budget, although the proposed workshop is currently the cabbage patch (literally!) in the garden! Hopefully there will be a dedicated "mud room" in place next spring! Until then the kitchen table serves...

Crochet design is slow, although I have managed to complete a modest granny square baby blanket design "Printemps"  for #grannysquareday2021, which is available via my Etsy store TheOwlcatsEmporium. I am very grateful to two friends for agreeing to test/make an aran patchwork design "Stucco", which I also hope to release soon. I have a mahoosive, and crazy complicated, circular blanket in the pipeline, titled "Wheel of the Year", based on the eight main festivals of the Pagan calendar, You can find pics of work in progress on my Anna of Owlcats FB page, and some on my Insta at annaofowlcats .

I am in the process of setting up a dedicated Etsy for miniature items: this will be Owlcat Miniatures, and I'll update this as soon as I have uploaded some stock. The peril of being a lone creator is there are never enough hours in the day! There is a Facebook page also under this name, so if you haven't already been there, please head over and give me a like!

Save for a couple of personal projects to decorate furniture, my painting practice is definitely on a backburner!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me through thick and thin, and I hope you enjoy all the new stuff as much as I do creating it. 

Keep checking back! See you soon!

Anna x